Chown, Marcus

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(1959-    ) UK author, currently "cosmology consultant" for New Scientist; his sf novels, both in collaboration with John Gribbin, are Double Planet (November 1984 Analog by John Gribbin solo; exp 1988), a competent Hard-SF tale about a conflict of political interests over a Comet which may or may not be about to strike the Earth, and its remote sequel Reunion (1991), set 1000 years later, in which the lunar population has come under the influence of a cult claiming to hold the secret of how to replenish the Moon's atmosphere: the book is the story of a woman's fight against this church. [MB]

Marcus Chown

born London: 9 June 1959




Double Planet

  • Double Planet (London: Victor Gollancz, 1988) with John Gribbin [Double Planet: hb/nonpictorial]
  • Reunion (London: Victor Gollancz, 1991) with John Gribbin [Double Planet: hb/David Farren]


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