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(1957-    ) US illustrator and author, in the latter capacity mainly of horror, often in collaboration, beginning with Not Broken, Not Belonging (1994 chap), a novelette. His first novel, Promised (2005) with Jeremy Robert Johnson, is also horror, as is the Blood of Father Time sequence beginning with The New Cut (2007) with Stephen C Merritt and Lorelei Shannon. Some of his tales provide implied Horror in SF premises, but without much sense that such premises are central.

Clark's prolific work as an sf illustrator (see Illustration) is again focused mostly on horror, though he has done numerous sf and fantasy covers for various firms, beginning with Barry B Longyear's Homecoming (1989) as Alan Clark, and Manly Wade Wellman's John the Balladeer (1989) as Alan M Clarke (he usually includes his middle initial in signatures, and relatively rarely signs as Clarke). His work is dark-hued but with a linear clarity similar to that of an artist like Jason Van Hollander; a deft control of perspective gives some of his Genre SF illustrations a focused narrative impulsion. Imagination Fully Dilated: Science Fiction: The Literated Artwork of Alan M Clark (anth 2003) edited by Robert Kruger and Patrick Swenson illuminates his work through a range of stories written in response to it. [JC]

Alan Marshall Clark

born Nashville, Tennessee: 10 May 1957


works (selected)


Blood of Father Time

  • The New Cut (Waterville, Maine: Five Star, 2007) with Stephen C Merritt and Lorelei Shannon [Blood of Father Time: hb/Alan M Clark]
  • The Mystic Clan's Grand Plot (Waterville, Maine: Five Star, 2007) with Stephen C Merritt and Lorelei Shannon [Blood of Father Time: hb/Alan M Clark]

individual titles

  • Promised (Modesto, California: Bloodletting Press, 2005) with Jeremy Robert Johnson [hb/Alan M Clark]
  • A Parliament of Crows (Portland, Oregon: Lazy Fascist Press, 2012) [pb/Alan M Clark]
  • A Brutal Chill in August (Petaluma, California: Word Horde, 2016) [pb/Alan M Clark]

collections and stories

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