Cloning of Joanna May, The

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UK tv miniseries (1991). Granada/ITV. Produced by Gub Neal. Directed by Philip Saville. Written by Ted Whitehead from The Cloning of Joanna May (1989) by Fay Weldon. Cast includes Helen Adie, Brian Cox, Laura Eddy, Emma Hardy, Patricia Hodge, Siri Neal (Bethany) and Billie Whitelaw (Mavis). 180 minutes. Colour.

Obsessive business tycoon Carl May (Cox) effectively Clones his wife Joanna (Hodge), then repudiates her when she is unfaithful – with the aim, as she discovers ten years after the separation, of taking one of the three young clones (Hardy, Adie, Eddy) as his new wife when they have grown up. Weldon's comic-romantic melodrama The Cloning of Joanna May is already painted in broad strokes. The three-hour television dramatization is even broader, though not unwitty, with finely over-the-top performances all round. [PN]


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