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(1849-1903) UK author, of some interest for Master of his Fate (October-December 1889 Blackwood's Magazine; 1890), whose protagonist, tortured by the need vampirically to drain the life energy of others to maintain his own Immortality, confesses all to an expert in the field of animal magnetism; and then – convulsively aged into an old man, as always happens before he feeds – kills himself. The Tyrants of Kool-Sim (1896) – a sequel to The White Kaid of the Atlas (1895), which is not fantastic – is a Lost-World tale featuring dwarfs with poisonous blood, the inevitable result of interbreeding between pygmies and ancient Hebrews, and brave British lads who prevail; An African Treasure [for subtitle see Checklist] (1899) features a Lost World in Morocco inhabited by lost Romans. Tinted Vapours: A Nemesis (1885) is sensational rather than fantastic; The Last Alive (1902), whose title is suggestive, is in fact about a tontine. [JC]

James MacLaren Cobban

born Aberdeen, Scotland: 24 April 1849

died London: 31 October 1903

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