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(1926-1993) US author who began publishing sf with "How High on the Ladder?" for Fantasy Book #7 in 1950, writing as Leo Paige. As S Kye Boult from 1971 – a name inspired by his work for Douglas Aircraft on the Skybolt air-to-air missile – and also under his own name from 1973, he began to publish in Analog the hard-edged sf adventures, like "Whalekiller Grey" (October 1973 Analog), for which he became better known. Class Six Climb (1980), told from the viewpoint of a giant god-tree, is perhaps his most sustained effort. Writing as by S Kye Boult, he also published the Baron Amarson series of adventure Space Opera tales beginning with "A Little Edge" (July 1971 Analog) as by Boult, and climaxing with Solo Kill (May 1972 Analog; exp 1977) as by Boult. He became inactive during the 1980s, publishing only one further long tale, "The Walking Hills" (July 1992 Analog). [JC]

William Eugene Cochrane

born Hollywood, California: 30 January 1926

died San Luis Obispo, California: 4 March 1993


  • Solo Kill (New York: Berkley Medallion, 1977) as by S Kye Boult [Baron Amarson: pb/Paul Alexander]
  • Class Six Climb (New York: Ace Books, 1980) [pb/Dean Ellis]


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