Connolly, Roy

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(1893-1966) Australian journalist and author who worked as a political journalist for the Queensland Labor Party's Daily Standard during the 1930s. While in the UK (1931-1934) he collaborated with Frank McIlraith (about whom nothing is known) on a Future War novel, Invasion from the Air: A Prophetic Novel (1934), in which London and other European capitals are destroyed from the air through the use of Poison gas and incendiaries. A British Nazi party comes close to taking power after the genuine workers' revolt has been crushed. It has not been confirmed, but is extremely likely, that James Boswell's 1933 suite of etchings, The Fall of London (held by the British Museum), was executed to illustrate this novel; but that the project fell through. In his later years, Connolly became a rightwing controversialist. [JC]

Roy Neville Connolly

born Gympsie, Queensland, Australia: 18 January 1893

died Brisbane, Queensland: 13 September 1966



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