Conroy, Robert

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(1938-2014) US author of several Alternate History novels beginning with 1901 (1995), which features a German Invasion of Long Island, intimately threatening New York – but Teddy Roosevelt leads the successful resistance. In 1862 (2006), the United Kingdom allies itself with the Confederate States in the American Civil War after the North has foolishly violated British sovereignty at sea. 1945 (2007) and 1942 (2009) both deal with a Japan less easily defeated than in our world; in the first of these, Japan must be invaded before her eventual capitulation; in the second (a Sidewise Award winner), her more thorough destruction of American military might at Pearl Harbor leads to a protracted war, which America does win in the end. In Red Inferno: 1945 (2010), Stalin jumps the gun in Europe, threatening to conquer the entire West. Further novels followed. [JC]

Robert Conroy

born 1938

died 30 December 2014



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