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(1940-    ) US medical doctor and author of medical horror thrillers whose premises are often extracted from sf (see Medicine; Technothriller). His best-known novel remains his first, Coma (1977), a drama of Organlegging filmed as Coma (1978) by Michael Crichton, his confrere in the depiction of Near Future technologies in terms of horror. His several other titles, which are usually one word long except when – as with Chromosome 6 (1997), which is about the perils of Genetic Engineering – a single term may be insufficient to arouse fear, include Mortal Fear (1988), an anti-euthanasia tale; Mutation (1989), which warns against genetic tampering with chromosome 6, as the resulting super-babies will be Monsters; Contagion (1996), about a Pandemic spread by millennial terrorists; and Shock (2001), which dramatizes the dangers of stem cell research on the part of unscrupulous corporations. Abduction (2000), more purely sf in tone, describes an artificial world Under the Sea. [JC]

see also: Biology.

Robin Cook

born New York: 4 May 1940




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