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Pseudonym of UK author and journalist Allan James Tucker (1929-    ), whose Roy Rickman series, beginning with The Alias Man (1968), is essentially a jeremiad about a then-imminent 1970s world crisis, with the UK becoming in the Near Future a Soviet satellite, though it offers a sufficient sf displacement through the exploits of the multi-national spy Rickman to be of some interest. [JC]

Allan James Tucker

born Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales: 15 August 1929




Roy Rickman

  • The Alias Man (London: Jonathan Cape, 1968) [Roy Rickman: hb/]
  • Message Ends (London: Jonathan Cape, 1969) [Roy Rickman: hb/]
  • Contact Lost (London: Jonathan Cape, 1970) [Roy Rickman: hb/]


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