Cramer, John

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(1934-    ) US experimental physicist (Professor of Physics at the University of Washington) and author; father of Kathryn Cramer; author of the Alternate View series of science articles in Analog regularly from 1984 onwards. His Hard-SF novel, Twistor (1989), engagingly describes the eponymous invention, which sends folk into other Dimensions, where they find copious supplies of food, while a villainous corporation attempts – in the end unsuccessfully – to corner the device for its own ends. As the novel closes, several new and virgin worlds stand at the brink of being used by humans. His second novel, the Near Future Einstein's Bridge (1997), deals with messages received from another Dimension when an advanced particle accelerator begins to operate. [JC]

John Gleason Cramer

born Houston, Texas: 24 October 1934




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