Crane, Robert

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Pseudonym of Bernard Glemser (1908-1990), UK author who worked for his government in the USA after World War Two, remaining there after his resignation. Under his own name he wrote several non-genre novels, at least two of which feature a protagonist named Robert Crane. As Crane he began to write sf with "The Purple Fields" in Star Science Fiction Stories #2 (anth 1953) edited by Frederik Pohl, but is best remembered for Hero's Walk (1954) – the basis for a television play, "The Voices" (1954) – an intelligent and realistically conceived tale in which superior Aliens initially discovered through a kind of SETI quarantine a militaristic Earth and eventually bomb it to rubble. There is some hope at the novel's close that humanity will be permitted to survive and mature. [JC]

Bernard Glemser

born London: 20 May 1908

died New York: 3 April 1990



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