Croly, George

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(1780-1860) Irish clergyman, High Tory controversialist, playwright and author, in England from 1810; his novel of Immortality and the Wandering Jew, Salathiel: A Story of the Past, the Present, and the Future (1828 3vols; vt Salathiel the Immortal; a History 1855; vt Tarry Thou Till I Come; or, Salathiel the Wandering Jew 1901), was published anonymously but soon acknowledged. The novel concentrates on Salathiel's early years in Rome as a political activist in the Jewish cause, but covers the following centuries in some detail, including visions of travel through space and into the Near Future. [JC]

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Reverend George Croly

born Dublin, Ireland: 17 August 1780

died London: 24 November 1860



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