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(1888-1949) UK engineer and author whose Perhaps: A Tale of To-morrow (1914; rev vt Yesterday: A Tory Fairy-Tale 1924) wittily (but also frivolously) describes the Near-Future secession of the Isle of Wight. Although copies of Perhaps exist, there is no clear evidence that the text was officially published; this omission was almost certainly because of the start of World War One. Yesterday presents essentially the same story as fantasy. Davey's other genre works are fantasies, the best known of these being the Matthew Sumner books: The Pilgrim of a Smile (1921) and The Penultimate Adventure (1924 chap), both assembled as The Pilgrim of a Smile (omni 1933), and Judgment Day (1928), reminiscent of T F Powys [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] in its depiction of a small English town confronted by a quasi-Biblical Day of Judgment. [JC]

Henry Norman Davey

born Kingston, Surrey: 1888

died Diano Marino, Italy: 6 June 1949



Matthew Sumner

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