De Mendelssohn, Peter

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(1908-1982) German author of Jewish birth, born Peter von Mendelssohn, whose publishing career, which began in 1930, was interrupted by exile after 1933; by World War Two he was a UK citizen, though he returned to Munich in 1970. His sf novel, Fortress in the Skies: A Tale (1943; vt The Hours and the Centuries: A Tale 1944) as by Peter Mendelssohn, which was written in English, sets a Utopia in a deserted mountain redoubt sometime hence, where civilized values are preserved against insensate Future War, avatars of the latter being transported into this venue by Timeslip. [JC]

Peter De Mendelssohn

born Munich, Germany: 1 July 1908

died Munich, Germany: 10 August 1982



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