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Pseudonym of French author François Henri Peudefer (1838-1909) who is of sf interest for Un habitant de la planète Mars: roman d'anticipation (1865; trans Brian Stableford as An Inhabitant of the Planet Mars 2008), based on a hoax newspaper article by Peudefer (signed A Lomon). published 17 May 1865 Le Pays, and purporting to describe the discovery of a humanoid fossil from Mars in a deep geological stratum. The novel comprises in part a Satire on the process of scientific examination of this fossil, which shifts into an expansive extrapolation of nineteenth-century Cosmology. In the 24 March 1866 issue of his journal All the Year Round, Charles Dickens described the work as a Scientific Romance. [JC]

François Henri Peudefer

born Évreux, France: 27 January 1838

died 11 July 1909



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