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(1705-1771) French author whose Proto SF novel, Voyage de Milord Séton dans les Sept Planètes, ou Le nouveau mentor (1765-1766 4vols; trans Brian Stableford as The Voyages of Lord Seaton to the Seven Planets 2015) as "translated" by Madame de R R, in a mode established by Cyrano de Bergerac's Selenarchia (1657) and Chevalier de Béthune's The World of Mercury (1750). The tale comprises a Fantastic Voyage through the solar system, stopping at the Moon, the Sun, Venus, Mars, which is haunted by reincarnated Earthly soldiers engaged in an interminable War, Jupiter and Saturn (see Outer Planets). On the Sun, women are equal to men, and proto-Feminist arguments are made justifying this state of affairs. [JC]

see also: Life on Other Worlds.

Marie-Anne de Roumier-Robert

born Paris: 1705

died Paris: 12 January 1771

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