Delaney, Joseph H

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(1932-1999) US lawyer and author, associated through most of his career with Analog, for which magazine he began publishing sf with "Brainchild" in June 1982 (see Apes as Human). He made considerable impact with his second story, "In the Face of My Enemy" (April 1983 Analog), which became part of his first solo novel, In the Face of my Enemy (fixup 1985), a Space Opera featuring an Immortal shape-changer. His first novel, Valentina: Soul in Sapphire (fixup 1984) with Marc Stiegler, rather more grippingly depicts the efforts of the eponymous AI to gain memory space in networked mainframes across the world, and to prove her selfhood. Lords Temporal (1987) is a Time-Travel tale of some ingenuity. [JC]

see also: Computers.

Joseph Henry Delaney

born Alton, Illinois: 5 February 1932

died Brewster, near Alpine, Texas: 21 December 1999



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