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US critical Magazine (1975-1978) edited by Richard Delap and published in California by Frederick Patten. 30 issues. Begun in April 1975, Delap's F & SF Review was a monthly magazine devoted to reviews of new (or newly reprinted) American fantasy and sf books; it also contained a full listing of each month's US publications. It was one of a number of such magazines to appear, aimed primarily at libraries, but was unquestionably the most successful. The reviewers included (then) fan critics such as Delap, Patten, Don D'Ammassa and Joe Sanders, as well as a number of established sf writers, including Michael Bishop and Harlan Ellison; the reviews were generally balanced, informed and intelligent. Delap's was an elegantly designed, printed magazine averaging 36 pages per issue. Publication was temporarily suspended after the July 1977 issue; two further issues produced by Delap alone followed in February and March/April 1978, and the magazine then ceased. [MJE/DRL]

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