Delgado, Ronald

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(1980-    ) Venezuelan physicist and author of short Hard SF stories. His narratives alternate between hard sf and erotic sf. His story "1000101" won the third prize in I Concurso de Relatos Eróticos: Sexo Para Leer by Revista Urbe Bikini in 2007 and appeared in Revista Urbe Bikini: Sexo a 62 Manos. Antología (anth 2007). In this story he portrays the utilization of Virtual Reality technologies for Sex. He also won the II Concurso de Relatos de Ciencia Ficción presented by the Webzine La Cueva del Lobo in 2011, with "Ningyö" (2010 La Cueva del Lobo), a story about Sex with Androids from a special viewpoint. His story "Kyoko Blue" won the VII Premio Andrómeda de Ficción Especulativa by Libro Andrómeda in 2011. Further work has appeared in the Webzines Axxón and Necronomicón, and he has published three collections beginning with El despertar de Meganet ["Meganet Awakening"] (coll 2008). [SS]

Ronald R Delgado Cruz

born Caracas, Venezuela: 21 October 1980




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