Dennis, Geoffrey

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(1892-1963) UK author whose fantasy Harvest in Poland (1925; rev 1931) bases its augurs of a grim future for Europe on the decay of civilization demonstrated by the horrors of World War One, in which he served. The Devil and X Y Z (1937) with Hilary Aidan St George Saunders, writing together as Barum Browne [for Saunders see Francis Beeding], is a supernatural thriller featuring, as does its predecessor, battles against diabolic possession. The End of the World (1930), despite its sf-like title, is a nonfiction discourse in the mode established by Camille Flammarion on the ways in which the world might in fact end (see End of the World). [JC]

Geoffrey Pomeroy Dennis

born Barnstaple, Devon: 20 January 1892

died 15 May 1963




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