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Pseudonym of South African author and journalist Arthur Durham Divine (1904-1987), in the UK from before World War Two and active as a war correspondent throughout that conflict; he also wrote as A D Devine, A D Divine, David Divine and David Rame. Of genre interest is Wings over the Atlantic (date unknown but pre-1938), in which a brilliant Mad Scientist attempts the traditional task of conquering the world with his Inventions. Tunnel from Calais (1942; 1943 as by David Rame) is a Channel Tunnel story. [DRL]

Arthur Durham Divine

born Cape Town, South Africa: 27 July 1904

died 30 April 1987

works (selected)

  • Wings over the Atlantic (London: John Lane, date unknown but pre-1938) [binding unknown/]
  • Tunnel from Calais (London: Collins, 1942) [hb/]
    • Tunnel from Calais (London: The Macmillan Company, 1943) as by David Rame [reissue of the above with different byline: hb/]


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