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Pseudonym of UK author William Thomas Pritchard (1906-1985), whose two sf novels make up the short Denis Grafton series, in which concerns about the End of the World through nuclear World War Three are articulated, fairly incoherently, via a metaphysical Space Opera plot. In World of Eclipse (1954), after life on Earth has been eliminated by a "thorium" bomb, a few humans who had been kept for observation on the planet of the Vulcanids begin to repopulate a devastated Earth; but nothing is simple, Earth is soon destroyed by the Vulcanids, and in Children of the Void (1955) a few human survivors undergo further ordeals on the planet of Varang-Varang before the immaterial descendants of humanity (see Transcendence) come back through time to save all. [JC]

William Thomas Pritchard

born 13 September 1906

died 5 November 1985



Denis Grafton


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