Dix, Maurice B

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(1889-1977) UK-born businessman and author, in Canada from an early age, serving in World War One from 1914 in the Canadian Infantry, rising to the rank of lieutenant; mostly active in the 1930s. His contributions to the Sexton Blake Library veer unremarkably into the fantastic. A non-Sexton Blake thriller, The Flame of the Khan (1934), contains fantastic elements, including a gem with occult powers. Of more direct sf interest is The Golden Fluid (1935), in which an Oriental cadre of Secret Masters aspire to Immortality through imbibing an elixir of unknown provenance, and by using advanced Technology to preserve themselves. They threaten the world, but are defeated in the end. [JC]

Maurice Buxton Dix

born Barnet, Middlesex [now London]: 21 July 1889

died North Vancouver, British Columbia: 4 February 1977



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