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Working name used by US screenwriter and author Meyer Dolinsky (1923-1984) for his sf novel, Mind One (1972), in which two psychiatrists discover that a Drug meant to treat psychosis actually engenders Telepathy, and find themselves relating warmly to each other (they are of opposite sexes); as one of them is a Jesuit priest, an element of Religion soon enriches the tale.

Active from 1947 as a screenwriter – usually under his true name – Dolinsky wrote an unknown number of episodes for Science Fiction Theatre in 1955, two episodes for Men into Space in 1959-1960, one episode for World of Giants in 1959, three episodes for the television series The Outer Limits in 1963-1964, one episode of The Invaders in 1967 as by Michael Adams, and one Star Trek episode in 1968. [JC]

Meyer Dolinsky

born Chicago, Illinois: 13 October 1923

died Los Angeles, California: 29 February 1984


  • Mind One (New York: Dell Books, 1972) [pb/]


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