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(1962-    ) Teacher and author of, as far as we can establish, the first science fiction novel published in Mozambique. This is A Quinta Dimensão ["The Fifth Dimension"] (2006), published in Portuguese and reissued (again in Portuguese) in 2010. Both editions have coloured illustrations on the covers. This sf romance deals, as the title suggests, with the fifth Dimension. Here it provides a means of travel in an expanding universe, thus enabling communication with Alien races. A second novel, in a parallel setting to the first, and like the first involving communication between Earth and the Constellation of Scorpio, is O Pastor de Ondas ["The Shepherd of the Waves"] (2011) – not so much physics as metaphysics, but there are also, as the plot outline may lead one to hope, scorpions. O Eco das Sombras ["The Echo of the Shadows"] (2016) is a poetic meditation on a philosophical theme of the sort engaged upon by authors of the Scientific Romance: the implications behind the fact that many of the Stars whose light reaches us are long dead: that light travels beyond death. [PN/JC]

Carlos dos Santos

born Maputo, Mozambique: 31 January 1962



  • A Quinta Dimensao ["The Fifth Dimension"] (Maputo, Mozambique: Imprensa Universitária, 2006) [pb/]
  • O Pastor de Ondas ["The Shepherd of the Waves"] (Maputo, Mozambique: Alcance Editores, 2011) [pb/]
  • O Eco das Sombras ["The Echo of the Shadows"] (Maputo, Mozambique: Alcance Editores, 2016) [pb/]


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