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(1944-    ) US author who began her career as a feature writer 1967-1984 for the St Paul Pioneer Press, and whose first books, like Amberleigh (1980), were historical romances. She is best known for energetic, layered high-fantasy tales like Six of Swords (1982), the first volume in her Kendric and Irissa sequence, which continues with Exiles of the Rynth (1984) and segues into the Sword & Circlet sequence with Keepers of Edanvant (1987) and its sequels. Her long Midnight Louie detective sequence, though narrated in part by a cat named Midnight Louie, is in fact nonfantastic – though for Talking Animals [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] – and is not listed below. Though she has been an infrequent author of sf, the Probe sequence – Probe (1985) and Counterprobe (1988) – is of some interest for its slow unfolding of the mystery behind the Amnesia afflicting a young woman who has Psi Powers and who turns out to be what the title says she is: a probe inserted by Aliens into the human world to gather data. But love intervenes. Nelson's sf is strongly plotted, and it is hoped she may one day return to the genre. [JC]

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Carole Nelson Douglas

born Everett, Washington: 5 November 1944




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