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(1952-    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Bad Blood" with James D Macdonald in Werewolves (anth 1988) edited by Jane Yolen and Martin H Greenberg, which was expanded into a novel Bad Blood (1993), which with its sequel Hunter's Moon (1994), both with James D Macdonald, comprises a children's series about werewolves and Vampires. All Doyle's books have been written with MacDonald – they were married in 1978 – and we make no estimate of seniority in this partnership, as it gives every evidence of being seamless. Most of their work has been fantasy [see Checklist below], most of it for children or Young Adult markets, and much of it being Ties such as their two titles in the Planet Builders sequence, Night of Ghosts and Lightning (1989) and Zero-Sum Games (1989), both as by Robyn Tallis; Horror High: Pep Rally (1991) as by Nicholas Adams; and their two titles in the fourth Tom Swift sequence (see also Tom Swift): Monster Machine (1991) and Aquatech Warriors (1991), both as by Victor Appleton. Robert Silverberg's Time Tours #3: Timecrime, Inc (1991) and Daniel M. Pinkwater's Melvinge of the Megaverse #2: Night of the Living Rat (1992) are also Ties.

Their first novel in their own right, Knight's Wyrd (1992), is fantasy; but the Mageworlds series – beginning with The Price of the Stars (1992), Starpilot's Grave (1993) and By Honor Betray'd (1994), and ending with A Working of Stars (2002) – moves into Space Opera with some flair, though not without recourse to undemanding fantasy outcomes when the going gets tough for the exile princess who becomes a space pilot and stirs up trouble, hither and yon, around the galaxy. [JC]

Debra Doyle

born Florida: 1952



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Circle of Magic


Bad Blood

American Civil War with Magic

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