Dubina, Peter

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(1940-1990) Czech-born author, in Germany after 1945, who also wrote as by R F Garner and Joh Kirby, concentrating on Westerns for most of his career; of sf interest is Eintscheidung im Weltraum (1973; trans Patricia Crampton as Decision in Space 1976), in which three human Scientists are abducted by a UFO and tricked into believing in the literal reality of their experiences on another planet, where one of them behaves shamefully, risking the genocide of the indigenous population, but is opposed by the others. The Aliens then explain that they have been subjected to a Thought Experiment, and that the fate of Homo sapiens depended on their behaviour. By a whisker, their actions pass muster, and the three are returned to Earth. [JC]

Peter Dubina

born Iglau, Czechoslovakia: 1940

died Germany: 1990

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