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(1959-    ) US author of thrillers, some of which – tales like Final Winter (2008), about the aftermath of 9/11 [not listed below] – come close to the Technothriller, though they do not usually push the envelope of the present day into sf; he has also written as by Alan Glenn. Of genre interest is Resurrection Day (1999), a Sidewise Award-winning Alternate History of the United States after a botched handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 has led to World War Three. A decade later, as the action passes through a devastated New York, it begins to look as though President Kennedy managed to survive in secret. Six Days (2001) occupies less unusual territory in its depiction of an America once again in a state of collapse, this time because of a nuclear War between India and Pakistan. Amerikan Eagle (2011) as by Alan Glenn is a Hitler Wins tale, the Jonbar Point being the assassination of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1943; the tale climaxes in a meeting between President Huey Long and a triumphant Hitler. The Alien Resistance sequence beginning with Dark Victory (2015) features a more-or-less successful Alien Invasion of Earth, which is responded to by various forms of resistance (see Military SF) whose effect is tempered by the Young Adult frame of much of the telling. [JC]

Brendan A DuBois

born New Hampshire: September 1959




The Alien Resistance

  • Dark Victory (New York: Baen, 2015) [Alien Resistance: pb/Dave Seeley]
  • Red Vengeance (New York: Baen, 2017) [Alien Resistance: pb/Dave Seeley]
  • Black Triumph (New York: Baen, 2018) [Alien Resistance: pb/Dave Seeley]

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