Dugdale, Henrietta

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(1827-1918) UK born Feminist and author, in Australia from 1852, where her advocacy of women's rights, dating from 1869, was immensely influential. Australian women obtained the vote in 1902, much earlier than elsewhere. She is of specific sf interest for A Few Hours in a Far-Off Age (1883) as Mrs H A Dugdale, a Utopia whose narrator – suddenly transported to an extremely clean and spacious City aeons hence – engages in the normal guided tour, during which she notes with approval full equality between the sexes, rational marriage, general hygiene, no liquor, and republican governance unclouded by monarchs. As with many utopias written by women in the nineteenth century, but very clearly expressed here and in her other writings, Dugdale's new age can be seen as demonstrating what should happen after women are released from their current imposed state of Arrested Development. [JC]

Henrietta Augusta Dugdale

born St Pancras [now London]: 14 May 1827

died Point Lonsdale, Victoria: 17 June 1918

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