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(1944-    ) US author of Young Adult novels, those of specific sf interest being her City of Ember sequence – The City of Ember (2003), The People of Sparks (2004) and The Prophet of Yonwood (2006), all three assembled as The Books of Ember (omni 2008), plus The Diamond of Darkhold (2008) – set in a Ruined Earth two centuries after the Holocaust; the City of Ember is an underground Keep or Pocket Universe – its inhabitants seem unaware of the surface of the planet above them – but is losing power (see Power Sources). The second volume of the sequence takes its young protagonists to the surface (see Conceptual Breakthrough), where they tentatively make do. The third volume is a prequel, darkly prophetic of times to come; the fourth moves forward.

The first book was adapted for Cinema as City of Ember (2008). [JC]

Jeanne DuPrau

born San Francisco, California: 9 June 1944


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