Duvernois, Henri

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Pseudonym of French screenwriter, playwright and author Henri-Simon Schwabacher (1875-1937), prolific in various genres. Of sf interest is L'Homme s'est retrouvé (1936; trans Brian Stableford as The Man Who Found Himself 2010), a very early example of interstellar travel, by realistically described Starship, in the French tradition of the Scientific Romance. The journey to Proxima Centauri at the speed of light terminates on a planet exactly like the Earth forty years prior (making the journey into a kind of Time Travel), where the protagonist finds himself as a young man, and attempts to ensure that his double (see Doppelgangers) enjoys a better life than he has. The tale is so couched as to be readable as a hallucination; but such a reading does not seem to be mandatory. [JC]

Henri-Simon Schwabacher

born Paris: 4 March 1875

died Paris: 30 January 1937



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