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(1942-    ) US author who is also employed in computer science and engineering research. He began publishing sf with "Superflare" as by Coleman Brax for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in 1980, using that pseudonym for some further magazine stories; with Clare Bell, with whom he lives, writing together as Clare Coleman, he has collaborated in the Ancient Pacific sequence (see Clare Bell for details). His early novels – like the Kyala sequence comprising Masters of Glass (1985), Iskiir (1986) and The Fisherman's Curse (1987) – are fantasy. Swimmers Beneath the Bright (1987), set on a water-covered planet and critical of the science which has populated it with bioengineered settlers, is sf. With Spirits of Cavern and Hearth (1988) he reverted to fantasy and to his favourite venue, a world vibrant with spirits. [JC]

Malcolm Coleman Easton

born September 1942





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