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(?   -    ) US author whose first novel was The Book of the Unnamed Midwife (2014), a particularly grim Dystopia whose precipitating Disaster is the rapid onslaught of an autoimmune disease that kills most men and almost all women and children. The Post-Holocaust USA into which the title character awakens (after surviving her own illness) has all the worst excesses of Survivalist Fiction, with women hunted, raped, brutalized and sold as chattel slaves (see Slavery) against a background of lawlessness and rampant violence. Travelling in male disguise, the unnamed bisexual protagonist does what she can to help women avoid pregnancy or, if pregnant, survive the now all too frequent stillbirths. The effect is harrowing and powerfully Feminist; The Book of the Unnamed Midwife won the Philip K Dick Award. It opens the Road to Nowhere sequence which continues in The Book of Etta (2017). [DRL]

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