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(1850-1919) UK poet and author of various works, two being of sf interest. Reveries of World History: From Earth's Nebulous Origin to its Final Ruin; Or, the Romance of a Star (1893) is an elated quasi-fictional text evocative of the work of Camille Flammarion; in his Spectrum of Fantasy 2 (1994), George Locke argues for its relevance as an sf "prose poem". Mullet's sf novel proper, Zalma (1895), exorbitantly traces the protracted Near-Future attempts of the eponymous wrong-side-of-the-bed Russian-Spanish princess to revenge herself on the heir to the throne of England, who has for unclear reasons swiftly annulled their morganatic marriage. Anthrax-bearing Balloons (see also Biology) and evil scientists are brought into play; the tale closes on a possible Europe-wide socialist upheaval. [JC]

see also: Weapons.

Thomas Mullett Ellis

born Manningtree, Essex: 29 December 1850

died 20 August 1919



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