Emerald City

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Fanzine edited by Cheryl Morgan; 134 issues 1995-2006. It was first published in September 1995 when Morgan was living in Melbourne, Australia; she also lived in San Francisco and the UK during its publication period. Early issues were distributed in E-Zine form as Word files (a radical innovation for fanzines at the time), primarily because of the high postage costs from Australia to the UK and USA. As of January 1997 it was also available online. The entire run is now archived online as Word and PDF files: see link below. Paper copies, A4 or US quarto as appropriate, were generally available via the Melbourne Science Fiction Club (courtesy of Alan Stewart) and Bay Area Science Fiction Association (courtesy of Kevin Standlee), and at various Conventions. Publication ceased with #134 in November 2006, with issues appearing more or less monthly throughout the period. Six special issues were also produced.

The content was primarily book reviews and convention reports, and was mostly written by Morgan. Guest reviewers appeared more frequently in later years. As of #124 (December 2005) issues contained occasional paid articles, with contributors including Matthew Cheney, Gary K Wolfe, Jeff VanderMeer, Hal Duncan, Karen Traviss and Juliet E McKenna. Regular production assistance was provided by Anne Gray and Kevin Standlee.

Emerald City won the Hugo award as best fanzine in 2004. [CM]


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