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Working name of UK physician and author Eustace Robert Barton (circa 1868-1943), known for his collaborations on crime novels with several authors, including L T Meade, Edgar Jepson and Dorothy L Sayers (1893-1957); the 1897-1898 John Bell sequence of short stories with Meade, assembled as A Master of Mysteries (coll of linked stories 1898), appears to feature – but does not, as the tales are all rationalized in the end – an Occult Detective [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. Eustace is of sf interest for A Human Bacillus: The Story of a Strange Character (1907), whose protagonist cures a colleague of Amnesia with an experimental medical process. [JC]

Eustace Robert Barton

born Hampton Court, Middlesex: 1868 or 1869 [baptised 19 January 1869]

died Newport, Wales: 12 October 1943



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