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(1931-1979) UK psychologist and computer scientist perhaps best known for his nonfiction books Cults of Unreason (1973) – a witty and surprisingly sympathetic study of various aspects of Pseudoscience, in particular UFO cults and Scientology – and The Mighty Micro: The Impact of the Computer Revolution (1979; rev vt The Mighty Micro: The Impact of the Micro-Chip Revolution 1980). His enthusiasm for sf brought him into contact with the field at several points; he was billed as science editor of New Worlds 1967-1969 and gave talks at some 1970s UK Conventions. "The Dreams of the Computer" (May 1969 New Worlds) suggested a highly speculative model for human dreaming in terms of Computer program overload. He was a technical consultant for The Tomorrow People and a contributing editor of Omni. His anthologies Mind at Bay (anth 1969) and Mind in Chains (anth 1970) interestingly explore the borderlands between sf and psychological Horror: J G Ballard and John Sladek appear in both. [DRL]

Dr Christopher Riche Evans

born Aberdovey, Wales: 29 May 1931

died 10 October 1979


nonfiction (selected)

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