Fantastic Monsters of the Films

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Cinema magazine, small Bedsheet-size, issued by Black Shield Productions. Seven issues from 1962 to 1963, on a bimonthly roughly schedule. Publishers were sf fan Bob Burns and film special effects artist Paul Blaisdell. Edited by Ron Haydock. Considerable material was contributed by author Jim Harmon. The magazine was a high-quality attempt to produce a more-mature publication than offerings then generally available; the photographic covers of #2-#6 showed various creatures created by Blaisdell for films he had worked on. #8 was at the printers when a fire broke out that destroyed the entire print run as well as many photographs and lobby-cards owned by the publishers, resulting in the magazine's termination. Each issue featured a fold-out poster, which has made intact copies difficult to find and somewhat costly. [GSt]

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