Far Frontiers

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US magazine in pocketbook format; it could also be regarded as an original anthology series. Quarterly, published by Baen Books, edited by Jerry Pournelle and James Baen and (uncredited) John F Carr; seven issues, from Far Frontiers (anth 1985) in January 1985 to Far Frontiers Vol VII (anth Winter 1986). At this point Baen revived (as solo editor) his very similar Destinies series of magazines/anthologies as New Destinies with #1 in Spring 1987 (see Destinies), and Far Frontiers came to an end. Something of a shop-window for upcoming Baen Book publications, Far Frontiers featured several book excerpts. Its emphasis was on Hard SF, sometimes militaristic, and on good science-fact articles; authors of the latter included Robert L Forward, John Gribbin, Pournelle and G Harry Stine. Authors of stories included Greg Bear, David Brin, John Dalmas, Dean Ing, Vernor Vinge and Timothy Zahn. [PN]


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