Farjeon, J Jefferson

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(1883-1955) UK author, son of B L Farjeon (1838-1903) [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] and younger brother of Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965) [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below], prolific (often as Anthony Swift) in the detective genre and as a playwright. The Ruritanian Mountain Mystery (1935) depicts the small country of Weldheim, which loses itself to history after World War One, becoming a kind of Lost World. Death of a World (1948) depicts the arrival of Aliens on a dead Earth and their reading of the diary (which makes up the bulk of the text) kept by a last survivor of the nuclear Disaster that ended all life (see End of the World; Last Man). [JC]

Joseph Jefferson Farjeon

born London: 4 June 1883

died Hove, Sussex: 6 June 1955



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