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(1957-    ) Working name of Brazilian author, songwriter and singer who entered Rio de Janeiro's musical scene with spoken word albums and shows displaying a hip-hop edge and lyrics with strong, surreal imagery: Fausto Fawcett e os Robôs Efêmeros ["Fausto Fawcett and the Ephemeral Robots"] (1987) and Império dos Sentidos ["Empire of the Senses"] (1989). His written sf is an expansion of his songs about futuristic landscapes and bizarre urban characters from Rio. Much of that initial material coalesced in his first book, Santa Clara Poltergeist (1990) a consistently delirious futuristic novel, set in Copacabana Beach and its surroundings, full of Cyberpunk elements interspersed with Afro-Brazilian Religions, graphic Sex and Psi Powers. A volume of short stories in the same vein, Básico Instinto ["Basic Instinct"] (coll 1992) soon appeared, followed by short novel Copacabana Lua Cheia ["Full Moon in Copacabana"] (2001), which completed his so-called Copacabana Trilogy. He recently published a new novel, Favelost (2012) in a Near Future setting where Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are merging in a single megalopolis (see Cities). Fawcett's work is intensely urban, fascinated by marginal types, painting a dark and euphoric culture clash mediated by fictional Technology. His fragmented, jerky, intensely visual prose evokes both William S Burroughs and the Graphic Novel. His universe is coherent and peculiar, sustained by a narrative voice which rarely falters, and by a constant inventiveness of detail. [BT]

Fausto Borel Cardoso

born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 10 May 1957




Copacabana Trilogy

  • Santa Clara Poltergeist (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Eco Editora, s/d, 1990) [Copacabana Trilogy: pb/Jorge Cassol]
  • Básico Instinto ["Basic Instinct"] (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Relume Dumará, 1992) [coll: Copacabana Trilogy: pb/Jorge Cassol]
  • Copacabana Lua Cheia ["Full Moon in Copacabana"] (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Dantes, 2001) [Copacabana Trilogy: pb/]

individual titles

  • Favelost (São Paulo, Brazil: Martins Fontes, 2012) [pb/]


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