Ferenczy, Árpád

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(1877-circa 1930) Hungarian author of several works in Hungarian, before publishing in German (apparently translated from manuscript by Hans Otto Werda) his sf novel Timotheus Thümmel und seine Ameisen (1923; trans anon as The Ants of Timothy Thümmel 1924), a Satire featuring a race of ants in central Africa whose Intelligence exceeds that of humans, and who engage in a kind of world-spanning Great Ant War with surrounding tribes of ants; these events may be presumed to have happened aeons earlier, as the only record of the war is to be found in a hieroglyphic tablet which itself refers to events in the deep past. Kunala: An Indian Fantasy (coll of linked stories 1925), which appeared first in English (also apparently translated from manuscript), are fantasies whose apparent misogyny is often undercut. [JC]

Árpád Ferenczy

born Győr, Hungary: 15 January 1877

died Ceylon: circa 1930



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