Fessenden, Laura Dayton

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(?   -1924) US author of romances and other works, among which a tale for younger children, Moon Children (1902), is of modest interest for its depiction of an inhabited Moon, though the story soon turns on figures from Mother Goose. Of much greater interest is "2002": Childlife One Hundred Years from Now (1902), which describes inventively, for children, a Utopia containing a wide range of innovations in Technology, including videophones, electronic voting machines, devices that closely resemble microwave ovens, worldwide Transportation by Balloon or submarine, moving sidewalks, Weather Control, and chimpanzee servants (see Apes as Human) who perform any necessary manual labour. Since 1980 there has been world peace; America has a woman president; the inhabitants of Mars, which will soon be visited, have been contacted by radio. [JC]

Laura Canfield Spencer Dayton Fessenden


died 1924



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