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Working name of UK author Norman Firth (1920-1949), who in fact had no middle name. He began his career during World War Two writing pulp Westerns and thrillers. He wrote stories variously as Rice Ackman, Earl Ellison, Leslie Halward and perhaps other names; his first sf publication was almost certainly "Obscene Parade" (1946 Weird Story Magazine #2). His first novel, Terror Strikes (1946 chap), is of some interest, if only through its extremely close resemblance to H G Wells's The Invisible Man (1897). Spawn of the Vampire (1946 chap) is a hastily concocted horror tale. Firth wrote the entire contents of Futuristic Stories (two issues, 1946) and Strange Adventures (two issues, 1946 and 1947). He was a writer of potential worth, but died (of tuberculosis) at the age of twenty-nine before having a real opportunity to prove it. [SH]

Norman Firth

born Birkenhead, Cheshire: 20 October 1920

died Birkenhead, Cheshire: 13 December 1949



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