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Working name of US naval officer and author Steven Gould Fisher (1912-1980) who also wrote as by Grant Lane; he wrote fairly widely for the Pulp magazines, including several stories for Doc Savage beginning with "Flame in the Wind" (February 1937 Doc Savage). Destroyer (1941) is a Future War tale, published just prior to the American entry into World War Two; here, the US declares war first, and naval battles focus on Panama and elsewhere. [JC]

Steven Gould Fisher

born Marine City, Illinois: 29 August 1912

died Los Angeles, California?: 27 March 1980


  • Destroyer (New York: D Appleton-Century Company, 1941) [hb/uncredited]
  • Saxon's Ghost (Los Angeles, California: Sherbourne Press, 1969) [hb/]


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