Fitzgibbon, Constantine

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(1919-1983) US-born author, in the UK after the mid-1930s, in Ireland after about 1965, much of whose fiction reflected a complexly conservative cast of mind. His first sf novel, The Iron Hoop (1949), describes an occupied city after World War Three; resistance is doomed. When the Kissing Had to Stop (1960) depicts in Anglophobe terms the self-destruction of a UK dominated by a Communist-inspired government. Less known but more remarkable, The Golden Age (1975) treats the Post-Holocaust recuperation of the UK in terms of the myth of Orpheus; in The Rat Report (1980) intelligent rats are at the heart of a successful attempt to communicate with Aliens on another world. [JC]

Robert Louis Constantine Lee-Dillon FitzGibbon

born Lenox, Massachusetts: 8 June 1919

died Dublin, Ireland: 23 March 1983



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