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US letter-size Pulp magazine; one issue, December 1936, published by C J H Publications; edited by Harold Hersey. The featured novel was "The Master of Mars" by James Edison Northfield (as per the contents page) or Northford (as per the story heading). Flash Gordon Strange Adventure Magazine, intended to be a monthly juvenile magazine, was notable for its eight full-page coloured interior illustrations, all by Fred Meagher, the first in any pulp magazine. The magazine contained three short stories, two of them by Russ Winterbotham, and it has been suggested that Winterbotham may also have written the lead novel, although Winterbotham was generally a better writer than this weak novel suggests. A second issue was announced but did not appear, suggesting Hersey had either reduced finances or his agreement with King Features Syndicate who owned the rights to Flash Gordon had been cancelled. A misguided attempt to cash in on the popularity of the comic strip Flash Gordon, its sole issue is now a rare collector's item. A complete colour facsimile of the magazine was reprinted in book form in 2005. [MA]


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