Fleming, Roscoe

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(1895-1974) US journalist and author who began publishing work of sf interest with "The Menace of the Little" for Amazing Stories Quarterly in Summer 1931, a complex Invasion novella in which Earth defends itself against the Hive-Mind civilization of Mars whose war centre, a hollowed-out mountain in America, is eventually bombed. Fleming seems to have written no other fiction, though several of the longer poems in The Man Who Reached the Moon and Other Poems (coll 1955 chap; exp vt The Man Who Reached the Moon & Other Poems: Including "Kansas": A Saga of our Forefathers 1957) are clearly sf (see Poetry); his language as a poet is clear, unadorned, occasionally eloquent. [JC]

Roscoe Bain Fleming

born Edgemont, South Dakota: 16 September 1895

died Fairmont, Colorado: 1 October 1974



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