Flying Saucer Mystery, The

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Documentary film (1952). Telenews. No producer, director or screenwriter named. Cast includes George Adamski, Donald E Keyhoe, General James Samford, Frank Scully. 12 minutes. Black and white.

Lost for decades until it resurfaced in the 1990s, this may be the first ever documentary about UFOs – apparently produced as a filler to be shown between full-length Cinema features. Footage of early US Air Force jet aeroplanes and V2 Rocket experiments is contrasted with photographs of supposed UFOs, at least one identified as light reflections on a window at a military base. Adamski and Keyhoe promote their own UFO theories, as does Hollywood journalist Frank Scully, whose Behind the Flying Saucers (1950) originated the persistent Urban Legend that a crashed UFO was recovered by the US military in the late 1940s. Scientist Noel Scott gives a lab demonstration of a plasma-gas bubble whose natural counterparts might perhaps account for some reports. US Air Force General Samford appears via news conference footage. Also featured, and providing marginal sf interest, are illustrations of Spaceships taken from early twentieth-century SF Magazines, none explicitly identified. [GSt/DRL]


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